Literacy Coaching

Companion Literacy & Writing Services can empower you by increasing your general literacy, numeracy and confidence. Your literacy coach will:

  • Focus on your present needs and priorities
  • Develop your skills for effective reading, speaking, writing, listening
  • Sharpen your memory and improve your planning ability
  • Recognise congenital, developmental, educational or acquired literacy problems
  • Employ positive strategies to fill gaps caused by a learning disability or deficit
  • Bring out your innate art, music and drama to assist your literacy/numeracy

Co-writing and Editing

Many editing services accept work only above a certain level of literacy. Companion Literacy and Writing Services accepts your writing in any condition of spelling, grammar, vocabulary or structure, and makes it say what you really intend. Your writing/editing companion will:

  • Copyedit and proofread letters, poems, stories, memoirs, articles, essays
  • Draw out the best writing you can do with effective interviewing techniques
  • Hear your ideas with empathy and objectivity
  • Put your voice in the text and tailor the writing for your intended reader
  • Use plain English that is clear, accurate, compact and expressive
  • Apply lateral expansion, logical order, text minimization
  • Colour with angles and metaphors to capture the reader’s imagination

PRoblems and solutions

I want adult literacy coaching but I will not sit in a class
Companion is one-on-one
Someone has persuaded me to improve my literacy
Companion assesses your literacy skills, and builds on those
I can’t retain information while reading, so it doesn’t make sense
Companion gives you tactics to control frame of mind and speed of thought
I can’t break words into syllables
Companion demystifies the system
I don’t understand paragraphs, rules, spelling or punctuation
Companion shows you why they’re necessary and how to use to your advantage
I missed large amounts of education
Companion helps you catch up on what matters now
I’ve got dyslexia
Companion looks at the effects of your condition; seeks to refresh cognitive links
I just want to read with my kids and help them with their homework
Companion builds your oratory skills and confidence to direct and guide them
NB Companion offers invaluable assistance to University and Institute of Technology students for assessment items, but will not do the study for you, only streamline and polish your work for submission.

Problems and Solutions

I want to record my story for my family
Companion feeds your creative flow, preserves your voice and edits the copy
I need help with my resumé and cover letter
Companion makes yours informative, concise and good-looking
I need to write formal documents that get results
Companion applies style, form and order and has a record of success
I already write well; just need to run it by a second pair of eyes
Companion offers professional editing and proofreading services to writers preparing to publish, self-publish or not publish
I’m on a small budget
Companion’s fees may be negotiable according to your circumstances

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